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We Need Change on the Inside

Mark 7:1-30

18 Apr 2021     Adrian Wilson

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Full Series: "Accepting the King - Who is Jesus?"

Mark 4-8

03 Jan 2021Mark 4:35-5:20Jesus the Powerful ProtectorPhilip Richardson
10 Jan 2021Mark 5:21-43Jesus Lord of Life and DeathPhilip Richardson
17 Jan 2021Mark 6:1-13Jesus the Rejected ProphetDavid Wall
24 Jan 2021Mark 6:14-29Jesus - Why Don't People Listen?Adrian Wilson
11 Apr 2021Mark 6:30-56Jesus the Great RescuerDavid Wall
18 Apr 2021Mark 7:1-30We Need Change on the InsideAdrian Wilson
25 Apr 2021Mark 7:31-8:21Open My Eyes to the SaviourPhilip Richardson
02 May 2021Mark 8:22-30Who Do You Say I Am?David Wall


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