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Questions About Faith

How can we know what is true?
Can Christianity really be the only way to God?
Is there any ultimate meaning to life?
Isn't Christianity outdated?
Is religion a force for good or for harm?

All of us, whether we are followers of Jesus or not, have doubts and questions. Perhaps you have real objections to the claims of Christianity, barriers to belief.

There are questions which we will never understand fully, but there are robust, satisfying answers to the objections which are raised to Christian faith. We have found that the Christian worldview provides the most convincing framework to make sense of life's mysteries. Faith should never be a leap in the dark, so we encourage you to ask your questions and to enquire with an open mind.

Two excellent resources online, which tackle many tough questions, and have articles and videos addressing the big questions of life are Christianity Explored and the BeThinking website from the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.

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Questions About Faith

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