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Our evening meeting on Sundays begins at 6.30pm and is usually finished by 7.30pm. The meeting is quite informal and intimate. You can expect to find a gathering of 10 to 20 people.

Note that there is no evening meeting on the first Sunday of each month.

The meeting will be led by a member of the fellowship or a visiting speaker who will often also give a bible talk. We sing a mixture of new and older worship songs and hymns accompanied by a pianist.

The meeting often includes a period of “open worship” when the leader sits down and allows members of the congregation to lead worship by suggesting a song, leading a prayer or commenting on a bible passage related to the talk you have heard. Please do not feel under any pressure to say anything during this time, though of course you are welcome to do so. You are welcome to join in simply by listening to the contributions made by others.

The evening meeting always finishes with a time of communion. Communion is an opportunity to express our ongoing trust in the death and resurrection of Jesus. If you are a committed Christian, no matter, which church you normally attend, you are welcome to share the bread and wine, which are passed around the congregation. If you are not certain whether this applies to you, please do not be embarrassed to allow the bread and wine to pass you by. You are still welcome to join us in the communion service and use the time for quiet reflection.