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"Gospel and Kingdom" and "According to Plan" by Graeme Goldsworthy

Gospel and Kingdom According to Plan About 10 years ago I attended a “Bible Overview” at Word Alive, part of the Spring Harvest Christian conference, in bracing Skegness. The talks were based on the book “Gospel and Kingdom” by Graeme Goldsworthy, and my understanding of the Bible has never been the same since! I was completely blown away by the fact that God has one clear and simple plan for all mankind that is worked out throughout the whole bible, and will end with a glorious “setting right” in the new creation.

I had never taken the time to read the Old Testament with any thought that it might be relevant for today – how wrong I had been! These two books lead you through God’s plan for mankind in a very clear way. “Gospel and Kingdom” is shorter, but “According to Plan” is presented in a simpler way with diagrams.

God's Big Picture

I would highly recommend either of these two books to revolutionise your view of how the bible fits together.

Another good book on the same theme is “God's Big Picture” by Vaughan Roberts.

“According to Plan” 978-0851109558
“The Goldsworthy Trilogy” 9781842270363 (contains “Gospel and Kingdom”)
“God’s Big Picture” 9780851112985